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Ranthambore Jungle Safari

Ranthambore national park is open for visitors from 01st October to 30th June. During this period, tourists are allowed to enjoy jungle safari drives in national park area. Here safari is allowed in all week days i.e. from Sunday to Saturday. Two rounds of jungle safari drives are offered to tourists i.e. Morning Safari and Evening or Afternoon Safari. Safari duration is approx. 3:30hrs in each safari round. Here we can do safari in day-time only i.e. in between sunrise to sunset. Here morning safari opens 30 minutes after sunrise and evening safari closes 30 minutes before sunset. Ranthambore national park Safari timing varies from season to season so it is important to have safari timing information with you. We have shared safari timing table, given below:
Time Period Morning Safari Evening Safari
01 October to 31 October (Post Monsoon) 06:30 to 10:00 AM 02:30 to 6:00 PM
01 November to 31 January (Winter) 07:00 to 10:30 AM 02:00 to 5:30 PM
01 February to 31 March (Autumn) 06:30 to 10:00 AM 02:30 to 6:00 PM
01 April to 15 May (Summer) 06:00 to 09:30 AM 03:00 to 6:30 PM
16 May to 30 June (Peak Summer) 06:00 to 09:30 AM 03:30 to 7:00 PM
01 July to 30 September (Monsoon) CLOSED CLOSED
Here we will notice that safari timing changes in approx. every 2 months, it is due to change in sunrise/sunset timings. Change in safari timing is decided for Forest Department or Rajasthan. It is their discretionary power to decide when to change the safari timing, which area to be permanently/temporarily closed for safaris, change of safari zone etc.

Safari Booking
For Ranthambore safari booking, we have option of online safari ticket booking. It allows us to do safari tickets booking of desired safari zones, in advance. Once our safari ticket/s are booked, we have secured out permit to enter for safari as per ticket timing. For online safari booking required information are Name, Age, Gender, Country, ID-Type, ID-Number. All the visitors are mandatory to carry their original ID document, during all safari drives, for verification purpose. For foreigner tourist, their ID document is Passport where as for Indian tourists, documents like Adhaar Card, Driving Licenses, PAN Card, Passport, Voter-ID, School-Id, Government Issued ID etc. are accepted. Tourist ID photocopy is required to be submitted at entrance gate counter so that accordingly safari vehicle will be allotted and come to your resort/lodge for pickup. Here ticket booking is offered on per-seat basis which means instead of full-safari jeep booking, per seats are offered. In a safari jeep, maximum 06 tourists are allowed. This way of safari booking increases the probability of getting safari tickets by majority of tourists. Although it could be inconvenient for wildlife photographers who carry large camera kit and required more space with less disturbance. For such tourists, department offers full-jeep booking option also, at high rates. Apart from this, canters (open bus) are also available for safari drives. By doing online safari booking, we secured our entrance permit. Apart from this, tourists are required to pay fee for safari vehicle and safari guide. Both the fees are mandatory to pay for safari drives. Usually guest are required to submit this fee to their resort and leave everything on resort management. They will do the ID photocopy submission and collect the safari vehicle details.

Safari Vehicles
Ranthambore safari vehicles are of two types. One is open jeep and second one is open bus. Both the safari vehicles are available for safari drives on per seat basis. In open jeep category, 4x4 wheel driven gypsy vehicle is used for safari drives. It is a petrol engine jeep and very commonly seen in almost all the popular national parks of India. It has maximum seating capacity of 06 tourists with 01 safari guide and 01 jeep-driver. Second type of Ranthambore safari vehicle is open bus called "Canter", having seating capacity of 16 to 20 tourists. These buses are of diesel engine. It is very much suitable for large tourists groups. Safari ticket fee of gypsy is comparatively higher than Canter because it is more demanded by tourists. As jeep is a petrol vehicle, it produces less noise, and due to small size, it can move rapidly in safari tracks. Canter is a open bus with diesel engine due to which it produces more noise, causes disturbance of nearby animals and its movement is also restricted to road-condition which is low probability of desired animal sighting.

Safari Zones
Here we will read about Ranthambore safari zones. As if now, total 10 safari zones are active for jungle safari drives. One safari ticket is for one particular safari zone. During such jungle safari drives, safari vehicle is not permitted to enter into any other safari zone, for sake of good animal sighting or any other reason. During safari drives, safari guide retains the supreme authority. It is his duty to monitor that safari vehicle will drive within speed limit, safari rules are not violated, vehicle will not stray to non-permitted area (other safari zone), guest will not get down during safari drives, tourist may not through any garbage in jungle. Safari zone system is introduced to avoid congestion of safari vehicles in part of safari area, for sake of good tiger sighting or other reason. This ensures even distributions of safari vehicles in total safari area. Their is not physical boundary in between safari zones but driver and guide knows the boundary. Here two entrance gates are used for safari entrances. For zone 1 to 5, old safari gate is used where as zones 6 to 10, opened later on have separate new entrance gate. It is possible to see zone 11 in near future. Decision is pending and likely to be taken soon. Here it is important to clarify that out to total tiger reserve area, only 20% of core area is allowed for tourism activity thus safari zones are in this 20% core and some part of buffer area.

Special Safaris
Considering the taste of hardcore wildlife lovers, wildlife photographers, documentary makers, Forest Department has made provision of two special safari drives which allows visitor to overcome many regular safari restrictions and enjoy safari drives with much more freedom and flexibility. These two special safari drives are of 6-hrs or half-day safari and 12-hrs or full-day safari drives. These safari drives have following benefits:
Long Duration: Special safaris offers continuous long safari duration, in compare to regular safaris. It is very much required for wildlife photographers and wildlife documentary film makers. In order to get perfect shot, tourist is expected to patiently wait for long duration. Thus in such cases, it is much better option.
Zone-free Safari: In regular safaris, tourists are not allowed to move into any other safari zone, from his allotted safari zone. In these special safari drives, tourists are allowed to move into any other safari zone, at any number of time, within their allotted safari duration.
Bypass Roster System: Roster system means forest department will allot any one safari vehicle with driver, as per queue they maintain. It is for benefit of local safari operators so that everyone listed in queue, will get equal opportunity to serve the customer and derive his earning. Same is the system for safari guides. Drawback of such system that tourists will unable to get his desired safari vehicle, driver and guide. Sometimes, regular visitors have their own team of safari drivers and guides and they wish their company during safaris and rooster system is a hurdle in such desire. These special safaris allows the freedom to bypass the rooster system and go with desired safari vehicle, driver and guide. Only condition is that both safari vehicle and guide should be registered with park authority.


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