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Best time to visit Ranthambore

Ranthambore national park is open from tourists from October to June month. During this period, tourists can enjoy jungle safari drives in Ranthambore tiger reserve. Here two rounds of jungle safari drives are offered to tourists, on daily basis in which they may visit one safari zone on one safari drive basis. As if now, here 10 safari zones are open for tourists and 11th safari zone may open in near future. During the period from October to June month, one can experience winters and summer season of this national park. From July to September, Ranthambore national park remains closed for visitors, due to monsoon season. In this period, tourists cannot enter inside safari zone. Best time to visit Ranthambore varies from person to person, depending upon their interest, intention, climatic condition, holiday dates. As it is a popular national park, close from Delhi, we can find tourists visiting throughout the safari season. Here we described the calendar months, climatic conditions and nature of tourists.

October to December
It is the time when national park opens and after conclusion of monsoon season, we will find greenery in national park area. Large number of tourists prefers to visit Ranthambore national park in this period. It is a period of transition from monsoon to winters thus climatic condition is very good to travel and enjoy the safari drives. In this period, we will find large number of Inbound tourists and domestic visitors. Popular Indian festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas etc. falls in this period thus provision of holidays allows domestic tourists to go for leisure tours thus we found large number of Indian tourists in this period. It is the beautiful time in the forest due to presence of greenery. During this period of Ranthambore safaris, we had good birding. We can have good sighting of birds of prey, insects life etc. Birding increases with the approach of December month as during this period, migratory birds visits Northern India. It is also good time for reptiles sighting like snakes, lizards movement etc. For mammals sighting, it is considered as average period as waterholes, dispersed in large area remains filled with water and grasslands are also remains healthy due to which herbivores animals are dispersed over large area and thus carnivores animals also remain scattered over large area. Those who are interested in leisure tours to enjoy their holidays, to do jungle photography, birding may prefer this period to visit Ranthambore national park. With the approaching of December month, Northern India receives cold waves and thus temperature dips to even 0°.Cel. in night hours. In this period, fog problem emerges are big challenge for tourists. Usually it occurs in later part of December month and causes problem in transportation i.e. delay or cancellation of trains/flights due to which travel schedules gets disturbed. So we have to keep this factor in mind, while planning our tour. From tourism point of view, large number of tourists visits Ranthambore thus hotels/resorts do good volume of business in this period. Visitors may find popular hotels/resort sold-out on some dates.

January to March
It is also a favorable time for Ranthambore tourism. Tourists continues to visit national park and hotel industry receives good volume of business. It is the period to face winter at its peak in January month and transition towards summers begins with the end of February month. In January month we may face problem of fog but with the passage of time, this will be naturally resolved. This period is good for mammals sighting and wildlife photography. Large number of wildlife photographers prefers to visit Ranthambore in Feb-Mar-Apr months. Thus we can say that for wildlife photographers and for good mammals sighting, it is the best time to visit Ranthambore. During safari drives, we can enjoy good sighting of deers, sambhars, tigers, sloth bears etc. It is also the good time for witness courtship in mammal species. It is the period when Sambhar deers are in full rut and thus offers good chance to capture some rare wildlife moments. If we undertake safari drives near lake area, we can also have good sighting of crocodiles as they prefers to take sunbathe in this period. In an all we can say that it is the time when can witness good number of wildlife moments and enjoy the safari. In this period, majority of Inbound tourists can be seen in the park and domestic tourism remain less. It is the period when Indian tourists restricts their movements due to school examinations time, closing of financial year, less number of holidays, less number of festivals except Holi festival etc. As large number of tourists are reaching park in this period thus it is important to plan in advance, book safari permits in advance and also book your desired hotel in advance.

April to June
It is the time of summer season when straight sun-light and heat waves poses challenge in safari drives. Till this period, Inbound tourism were at their least. Composition of Foreigner tourists reduces and percentage of Indian tourists increases. In this period we can still found wildlife photographers, carrying out their passion with full dedication. It is the time when good mammals sighting occurs near waterholes. Many seasonal waterholes dry-up so animals are bound to reach some well known water holes, lakes, ponds thus spotting them becomes more easier and thus chance of good wildlife photography remains high. It is the time of school & college holidays thus turn-up of Indian tourists increases and they are the main source of business for local hotels & resorts. It is the period, when many hotels & safari lodges releases some economical summer offers to lure tourists have low budget. It is the best time to visit for low budget tourists who want to visit national park and looking for value for money deals. Due to low turn-up of tourists, chances to do jungle safari in preferred safari zones are also better. Those who make up their tour plan in short notice may find this period suitable for them to visit Ranthambore.

July to September
It is the period of monsoon season, when North India receives good rainfall. Thus Forest Department close the national park for any safari activity, tourists are not allowed to do safari drives in Ranthambore national park area. Patrolling still goes in this period, by forest officials as due to less tourism activity, poachers often try to carryout their poaching activity thus officials remain vigilant and perform their duties.

Inbound Tourism
Ranthambore is counted among most frequently visited national park of India, by foreigner tourists. Their are many reasons behind this fact like better connectivity, closeness from Delhi, location in Rajasthan which is already having many popular heritage sites, easy availability of safari tickets and presence of good accommodation facility. For foreigner tourists, best time to visit ranges from October to April month. Statistics data shows that majority of Foreigner tourists visit this national park in this period. Despite of many other factors, climatic condition is the main reason behind this fact.

Domestic Tourism
Ranthambore national park is visited by domestic tourists also but their movement varies with festival dates, climatic condition, school/college holidays etc. Here we can find healthy presence of Indian tourists in periods like October to December, April to June. This is the best time to visit for them and many popular festivals occurs in October to December months where as all major school & college summer vactions falls in April to June months.


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